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3 Cutting-Edge Devices to Help You Go Green

Green TechIt goes without saying that the world is in the midst of a technological boom. From smart thermostats to smartphones with incredible design and features and self-driving cars, innovations are popping up left and right at a seemingly unwavering pace. Many of the most popular gadgets available today are designed with the intention of improving health and wellness–both our own and the health of the planet at large.

“Green Tech”, a term that encompasses both methods and materials designed to reduce the impacts of human activity on the planet, has been developing for decades, but the introduction of cutting-edge electronic devices has pushed the movement over the edge. Here are just three of the green tech devices we think are the coolest and most useful for business and tech professionals:

Voltaic Generator Solar-Energy Laptop Bag: Featuring a sizeable solar panel on its front, this laptop bag draws energy entirely from the sun to recharge your laptop. Even the bag itself is made of recycled plastic, so you’re getting a real one-two punch of environmental friendliness. Instead of plugging into the wall, plug into the sun’s energy and reduce your carbon footprint.

Bits Limited Smart Strip: By now, you’ve undoubtedly heard of “vampire electronics,” which are devices that continue to draw energy from their power sources even when they are not in use. The most common vampire electronics are entertainment systems and computer workstations, but if you’re anything Smart Strip like us, chances are you have about a hundred different cords running from each system. Instead of having to unplug each and every one of them, now there’s a simple solution. The Bits Limited Smart Strip is a surge protector that powers down each connected device when a major device is turned off; i.e. when you turn off your TV, all other connected devices will power down and stop drawing excess energy, saving you money and reducing your overall consumption.

Cyber-Rain Sprinkler Controller: Finally, what better way to go green than when you’re literally going green? Especially here in Florida, we use a great deal of water to help ensure our lawns Cyber Rain Sprinkler stay verdant through the hot summer, but in the process, we wind up wasting a substantial amount of one of the earth’s most precious resources. By connecting with a networked PC to determine forecasts and synchronize schedules, the Cyber-Rain Sprinkler Controller effectively reduces the amount of water wasted on the lawn by measuring the humidity, precipitation, and temperature in your area.

Green tech gadgets are truly starting to make their impression on the market, with a huge variety of devices available that help reduce energy consumption and help to protect available resources. Keep an eye out for more cutting-edge devices that will make your daily life more eco-friendly and save you a sizeable amount of money in the long run. To learn more about eco-friendly technology or how to make your home and office more energy efficient, contact Firewall Computer Services today at (407) 647-3430.