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We bring your office to your smartphone and tablet! iOS, Android, BlackBerry

Mobile devices such as smartphone and tablets have become commonplace among business and your workforce depends on instant and accurate information while away from their computer. We support a wide range of devices such as all Apple iPhones, iPads, Android based smart phones, tablets and BlackBerry Enterprise Server technology.

The Technology

Smartphones such as Apple’s iPhone/iPad, Android based phones/tablets, and BlackBerry are becoming prolific through companies large and small. Business data is consistently accessed and transferred through mobile devices at a faster and faster pace making mobile device support and security a critical issue for businesses today. If your staff needs to access data away from the office via their mobile device whether a smartphone or tablet then you need mobile device support services from Firewall Computer Services. Wireless email, calendar and contacts syncing are some of the options we can help configure for one employee or them all.


Our team can help with networking design, implementation and configuration customized for your mobile devices. Working with the major cell carriers AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile we can design or troubleshoot your mobile devices even while your workforce is on the road. Our mobile device support services include application (app) support, data synchronization, activation support, configuration and settings support, software and app installation and troubleshooting services. We partner with an Exchange email hosting service that can provide enterprise-level service and support at a low per employee cost. This service provides offsite email hosting with all iPhone, Android and BlackBerry mobile devices.

Case Study

Firewall Computer Services was able to implement a secure mixed Apple iPhone and BlackBerry server environment for a service based client in Maitland consisting of ten BlackBerrys and seven iPhones. Wireless device management was configured to enable the business to remotely wipe the data from any of the devices in the case of employee termination or theft. This enabled the client to store sensitive but required data on the phone while feeling reassured the confidential information was safe. Wireless syncing of emails, calendar and contacts also was configured for their mobile workforce to have instant access to all important data while away from the office. We take care of I.T. so you can take care of your business!

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