Firewall Goes GREEN

Firewall Computer Services, LLC support a green lifestyle and we try to do everything to run our organization in a sustainable and environmental friendly way. We encourage all our employees to follow our Sustainability Guidelines!

Firewall Computer Services is proud to participate in the Green Workplace Challenge for the City of Winter Park Sustainability Project.

We will be recognized on Earth Day April 19th in Winter Park!

Come and Celebrate with Us!

Earth Day invite

Sustainability Guidelines for Firewall Computer Services


  • Electronics
  • Plastic, Paper, Cardboard Boxes in Office

Save Energy

  • LED Light Bulbs
  • Turn Off Lights before Leaving the Office – “Lights Outs Power Down”
  • Set Sleep Time for Computer for 15minutes
  • No Screen Savers
  • Copier/ Printer go into Standby Mode and Shut Down Completely at the End of the Day
  • Use CFL or LED light bulbs only


  • Reduce Driving – Always Try to Solve Customers’ Problem Remotely First, Before Going to an Onsite Visit
  • Request a Fuel Efficient Car (Hybrid, E85, Hydrogen Fuel Cell) when Renting Cars for Business Travel

Waste Management

  • Use of Refillable Bottle Instead of Plastic Water Bottles
  • Zero Waste Goal
  • Print Double-Sided only
  • No Use of Disposable Cups, Plates, Bowls, Utensils
  • Use Paper with Recycled Content

Paperless Office Environment

  • All Documents can be Shared Online Using Google Drive
  • All Invoices Are Mailed by Email not Paper
  • Encourage all Customers to Pay Invoices Electronically and not Send a Check

If you have any addition, feedback or comments please contact our Green Team: