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Keeping Your Business Email Safe, One Virus at a Time…

Your email is one of the easiest ways for hackers to infect your computer, steal your data, and send out a disruptive virus to all your contacts.  Computer viruses are emailed to hundreds of thousands of people.  Symptoms of the virus include receiving a large amount of spam clogging up the inbox, slow and occasional computer crashing, advertising pop-ups, and fake anti-virus software that requests money to “fix” itself. The virus itself was programmed to do the same malicious deed to every single contact that person had stored in his or her email client.  Email viruses like these can compromise secretive data, damage your computer, and can negatively affect your entire professional contact list.  At Firewall Computer Services, offering business computer support in Orlando, our first priority is keeping our clients’ inbox safe, protected, and spam-free.

business computer support in Orlando for spam email protection We take email spam and viruses seriously since they can wreak havoc on our clients’ business operations and reputation.  We offer enterprise-level spam and virus filtering for all our clients, no matter how small the business. Since we know how important this protection is for all business owners, we’re sure to offer these services at affordable prices and encourage all our clients to add this service on to their regularly scheduled IT plan.

Our anti-spam technology is utilized for inbound/outbound spam and virus filtering.  It’s also helpful in the spooling of emails if email servers aren’t available, and can help with transport layer encryption. This anti-spam system encrypts the content and contact information in each email so it can’t be read by hackers or snoops while being sent from your server to the recipient server. It also creates a stronger spam filter for your inbox, eliminating the uncertainty of an email’s origination.

We also offer our clients hosted message archiving, archive search, individual access to personal archive for end users, audit reports, and message consolidation.  These services are helpful for those businesses that require email retention. Retaining emails and email contacts may be necessary for your business records, but it can be dangerous.  Our email and spam protection services allow you to keep all this information in a secure and protected manner where it’s not vulnerable to viruses or hackers.

You shouldn’t have to deal with spam emails or the possibility of a computer virus attacking your inbox.  The last thing any business owner needs is an email virus attacking their contact list full of current and potential clients.  Prevent this disaster by contacting Firewall Computer Services today. Call 407-647-3430 to learn more about our business computer support in Orlando.