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Manufacturing the Internet of Things

network-782707_1280Within the last few years, the “Internet of Things” has become a topic on many minds with increasing frequency. Transcending the conveniences and cutting-edge technologies provided to us by smartphones, this tech term refers to the network of items, including buildings, vehicles, and other objects, that are interconnected and able to collect and transmit data via the internet.

There’s a good chance you might have at least one object within the Internet of Things in your home. Perhaps you wear a calorie- and fitness-counting wristband; maybe you’ve recently installed a thermostat you can control from your phone; or you could even send emails from the touch screen of your car. But home life isn’t the only area positively affected by the IOT. Many types of commercial enterprises benefit from linking up to the cloud, as well.

In particular, the manufacturing industry has gained a huge boon by using interconnected devices. Here are just 3 perks for manufacturing plants that join the IOT:

  1. Production centers can reduce downtime. Many manufacturers use sensors on their machinery that runs frequent diagnostic tests to ensure system integrity; by analyzing data and identifying patterns of error and wear, these sensors can help to stop problems before they start. No halt in production for repair means that businesses can increase their profits significantly.
  2. Technicians can receive reports on the go. When an issue does arise, you want to ensure that it can be resolved quickly to get your systems back up and running. By using mobile apps, technicians can run diagnostic checks and inspect system performance before they even arrive onsite. They’ll know exactly what to do to get you going again.
  3. Quality control is a breeze. Using a specific set of parameters, connected devices can monitor production to ensure all systems are following code. Any deviation from standard can be automatically reported to the manager through their mobile device. All you need to do is make the adjustments and you’re sure to pass inspections with no issues.

Linking up to the cloud can help your manufacturing center reach new heights. To learn more about IT solutions for manufacturing companies or to get your center set up today, get in touch with the experts at Firewall Computer Services. Give us a call today at (407) 647-3430.