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Microsoft Surface Pro 3 – A New Paradigm in the Tablet Market

The Microsoft Surface Pro 3 tablet has a new image – and it’s one that’s making the small business IT crowd pay attention as it represents a huge step up from Microsoft tablet offerings of the past. small business IT professionals use the Surface pro 3

By the numbers, the 12-inch Surface Pro 3 tablet is a computing powerhouse, boasting a Core i7 processor. It’s noticeably thinner and more powerful than anything else Microsoft has done in the tablet category. The Surface Pro 3 also offers flexibility by adjusting to various angles and even being comfortable in the lap position – something not all tablets (or laptops) can claim.

While some people don’t feel the Surface Pro 3 will take the place of a lightweight laptop with considerably more power, it’s possible that the 12-inch screen pushes the limits of what is (and isn’t) considered a tablet. On top of that, it IS still a tablet – and certainly not built to withstand the daily grind of true computing. What the Surface Pro 3 does well is riding the line between a capable tablet and a home desktop companion to users who happen to love Windows. This makes it an easy sell to the small business Windows-loving crowd.

Some More Things You Should Know About The Microsoft Surface Pro 3:

The Surface Pro 3 is reasonably priced considering its capabilities.

Because Microsoft is the ‘underdog’ when it comes to tablets, the company has a lot to prove in the market. And because all the hardware is Microsoft’s, there are no licensing fees like there are with laptops and desktops (which would typically be absorbed into the price), meaning Microsoft can use the savings and apply it to the price as well as to the software and components at a price point of under $1,000. At this price point, businesses and individuals alike are sure to take notice.

The Surface Pro 3 is no threat to the iPad at all.

Apple isn’t losing sleep at night over the Surface Pro 3, but it should be noted that Microsoft has produced some of its most innovative products in response to those of the competition. Also, the audiences for the two tablets are vastly different. Apple has barely scratched the surface of offering a business value proposition for the iPad, whereas Microsoft typically keeps businesses in mind when developing products.

The Surface Pro 3 is a great balance of business and fun.

With Windows games and other entertainment features, along with the ability to run business applications (including your proprietary Windows ones), the Surface Pro 3 is something small business users could find themselves carrying at all times when they’re on the road – or even in the office. This is key in today’s world of portability, considering the Surface Pro 3 is far smaller than a laptop and can easily be carried and used while traveling on a plane, train, etc.

Microsoft is once again creating a new paradigm for small business tech – one that blurs the lines between laptop and smartphone for the business crowd who are welcoming new technologies that are usable in a wide range of contexts. Combining the features of an ultrabook and tablet into one sharp and very useful device put Microsoft and the Surface Pro 3 in a position to gain a greater user-base in the small business IT market.