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How to Mobilize Your Business

Mobile devices like smart phones and tablets have become an integral part of everyday business tasks. The ease of use and convenience of these devices has changed the way many employees do business and finish daily tasks. It’s very rare to find IT support specialist in Orlando sets up business mobile devices someone who doesn’t own at least one mobile device that’s capable of taking their business to a whole new level. If you’re a business owner who’s ready to learn about the potential of mobilizing your business with the help of an IT support specialist in Orlando, now’s the time! Read on to learn about a few ways you can mobilize your business to streamline processes, make employees more productive, and market your product.

Your Mobile Office. With a few simple application downloads, you can be on your way to a completely mobile office. Syncing your email account, calendars, and contacts with your smart phone or tablet allows you to communicate with coworkers and make appointments from wherever you are. Storing documents on a cloud-based service like Dropbox gives you access to all the files you need from wherever you are. Applications like Docscanner and Grasshopper allow you to snap a picture with your smart phone, convert it to a pdf file, and email it. Once your device is equipped with the right applications, you’re able to virtually sit at your work desk from anywhere in the world.

Social Media Marketing. Whether you have a marketing professional who takes care of your social media or you do it yourself, mobile devices can make it so much easier to stay on track. The first thing to do with your mobile device is to download all the social media platform applications your businesses uses. With a smart phone or tablet, you can snap a picture out in the field and instantly upload it to your social media platforms. It keeps your fans and followers closer to your business and more involved.

Sales on the spot. An employee who carries a tablet to a sales meeting is more likely to close the deal because he or she has the tools to complete the sale in that moment. There are many tablet or mobile device based payment applications that can take payment on the spot, as well as applications that help clients to complete paperwork on a mobile device. Research the many mobile payment applications and figure out what your employees need to close deals remotely.

At Firewall Computer Services, we’ve seen many businesses soar after mobilizing a few aspects of the way they do business. If you’re interested in doing the same, give us a call today. As an IT support specialist in Orlando, we’d love to help!