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How to Prevent Data Breaching

IT support for Orlando business to prevent data breachingIf you’ve been following technology related news lately, you may have seen the story about Adobe’s enormous data breach.  Cyber criminals unlocked over 3 million user accounts by decrypting their email addresses and passwords. Any information that these customers keep on their cloud-based storage with these Adobe accounts is vulnerable. Some technology snoops have noted that they’ve seen a huge ‘data dump’ of this information on a website that’s known to be frequented by cyber criminals. What cyber criminals will do with this information when they find it remains unseen. At Firewall Computer Services, we provide IT support for Orlando businesses, so it is our job to know where your information is going.

A data security breach with such a well-known and trusted cloud-based storage software company like Adobe can be scary for any business owner who’s considering a cloud-based storage service. Every business, big or small, is unfortunately vulnerable to the same type of data breaching with cloud storage. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider it as a viable data storage option.  Here are just a few ways Firewall Computer Services keeps its cloud-based storage clients safe from data breaching.

Setting and Changing Passwords

One of the best ways to avoid being a victim of a data breach is to consider the password to your cloud-based storage thoughtfully. Many users choose the same password for every account so they can remember it easily. At Firewall Computer Services, we can help you to create a strong and secure password for your software. We’ll also always be around just in case you need a reminder.

It’s important to change and update your password at least once or twice a year. A static password is easier to be decrypted by cyber criminals. At Firewall Computer Services, we always remind our clients when it’s time to renew passwords.

Software Payment Options

When paying a cloud-based software service, it’s best to use only one credit card, or to have a card dedicated only to paying the data storage software company. If the cloud hosting company does have a data breach, you’ll only have the possibility of one vulnerable credit card that can quickly be cancelled if abused. At Firewall Computer Services, we hold our client’s financial and data safety in the utmost regard and advise our clients on the best payment options for cloud-based services.

While large data breaches like what happened with Adobe are rare, our first priority is to keep our clients’ information as safe and secure as possible. At Firewall Computer Services, we can customize a data storage plan that will keep your data safe. Give us a call today for all your IT support for Orlando business!

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