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Server versus Cloud: What’s Better for Your Business?

The popularity of cloud computing is becoming hard for business owners to ignore. There are many businesses switching winter park cloud computing or server for business from a server based system to a cloud based system, and for good reason. While every business owner may not be ready to make the transition, it’s still important to know the possible benefits of cloud computing software before making a decision. Here are the top five reasons many small businesses are making the decision to switch.

1)     Accessibility. In Winter Park, cloud computing software is more easily accessible than server based software, and therefore, encourages collaboration between employees and teams. With cloud computing software, many businesses are seeing a reduction in confusing and cluttering emails strands between multiple team members with several attachments. The team members can make edits to a project and their collaborating coworkers can find this updated document in the shared cloud.

2)     Security. Cloud computing service providers often build multiple levels of security for their clients, sometimes making them more secure than a traditional server setup. The cloud computing software usually offers a data center with redundant security and data management to be 100% positive client data and information is safe.

3)     Productivity. The ability for employees to access all the data they need from anywhere in the world can make them more productive. It’s becoming a trend for small businesses to hire employees to work remotely. Using cloud-based software makes it easier for these remote employees to access the data and files they need from a secure location.

4)     Easy. Many business owners find that using cloud software is even easier than using a server. After the installation, saving a document to a cloud is just as simple as saving it to a hard drive. There is no downtime needed to train employees and no complicated steps that need to be taken.

5)     Cost. The beauty of cloud computing software is that every business can usually find the price that fits their budget. There are many companies offering cloud space and software so it’s just a matter of the business owner finding the right fit for his or her needs. No big equipment purchases are needed like when a new server is installed.

If you’re on the fence about whether to switch from a server based business to a Winter Park cloud computing system, we’d love to help you decide what’s best for your business. Give Firewall Computer Systems a call today at 407-647-3430 so we can help you take the next productive step in helping your business grow!