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How to set up a personal Hotspot

Welcome to our NEW Weekly Tech Tip

How to set up a personal Hotspot so you can still work when the internet is otherwise down 

Turn your smartphone into a wireless router in a matter of minutes, allowing you to connect your computer, iPad or other Internet-compatible devices through the phone’s wireless connection (called “tethering”).Set up a personal HotSpot

iPhone: Main Settings > Cellular > Set Up Personal Hotspot
Android: Settings > Wireless & Networks > Tethering and portable hotspot > Portable Wi-Fi hotspot

  • Once Hotspot is set up your smartphone will appear as a nearby wireless network on any device with a WiFi connection
  • Enter the passphrase displayed on the Personal Hotspot screen on your smartphone and your device, e.g. computer will connect.
  • Depending on your contract extra phone charges may apply

Next time the internet is down in your office or you need to use your laptop in the middle of nowhere- no panic, just get out your smartphone and keep on browsing!