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The 3 Best FREE Anti-Virus Programs

IT support specialists near Winter Park discuss 3 best free antivirus programs As the IT support specialists near Winter Park, we know that your computer’s security is extremely important, but it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. There are many free anti-virus programs that do a great job of keeping your computer safe and secure. In the last decade, viruses and malware have become more sophisticated and detecting their presence is an extremely tough job for anti-virus programs. Both business and personal computers should be armed with an effective anti-virus program to keep them safe. Here are our three favorite anti-virus programs that are completely FREE to use!

Microsoft Security Essentials. We all know Microsoft puts out great products and their free anti-virus software is no different. Security Essentials targets malware like spyware, rootkits, Trojan horses, and other computer viruses and prevents them from wrecking havoc on your PC. This program uses real-time protection and is quick to scan and monitor current activities, downloaded files, and newly created documents for anything suspicious or harmful to the system. The program offers a popup notification to the user anytime malware has been detected in the computer.

AVG. This is one of the most popular free anti-virus programs around because it’s so easy to use and effective. The AVG product offers periodic scans for malicious files and viruses. It also scans all incoming and outgoing email for anything that’s not secure, and adds a warning footer to all emails stating its intention to scan. This program is also able to attempt to ‘repair’ certain virus-infected files to restore them safely. AVG also provides a ‘quarantine area’ for its malicious files and viruses, allowing the user to peruse all the potential dangers to the computer before deleting them. The only downside- there are upgrades with costs available and the program will ask you frequently, if you want to get it.

Avast. This free anti-virus program is unique because it offers different shields to protect against certain malware aspects that attack different computer functions. A few of the individual shields, which can be turned off or on according to personal preference, include a file system shield, mail shield, web shield, and network shield. The program also has anti-spyware and anti-rootkit capabilities and updates its virus definitions regularly.

Anti-virus software is so important for the health and safety of both your personal and business computers. The IT support specialists near Winter Park at Firewall Computer Services can help you decide which software is best for your computer and assist you in the installation process. If you want to keep your computers and information safe from malware, give us a call today at 407-647-3430 and we’ll be happy to help.