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Three Things to Look for in a Managed IT Provider

Finding a company to provide managed IT services for your Orlando business is no small task. Managed IT services allow a business to support button for managed IT services “offload” its IT operations to a third party who assumes responsibility for monitoring, management and maintenance of networks and other systems that business uses. If it’s part of a business’ network and it’s not working, it’s the managed IT provider’s job to fix it…and fast.

You can find providers in most of the major IT publications, get referrals from business associates, or jump onto your favorite search engine and find one. But, this doesn’t make it any easier to choose one that’s right for you and your business needs. And while there are plenty of things to look for in a provider, we’ve got a list of three things to get you started:

A good managed IT provider keep its clients off the bandwagon.

The latest technology isn’t always the most proven technology. And, if there’s one place you want proven technology – it’s in your business. Good managed service providers understand this, and they take the time to carefully evaluate new technology before determining if it’s a fit for their customers. This ensures you’re getting only ‘battle-tested’ tech that you can count on.

Yes, it’s true that people on the cutting-edge of technology are using it to great success, but riding the leading edge of technology can be a dangerous and costly proposition – especially in days of failed startups, abandoned systems and economic uncertainty.

A good managed IT provider won’t provide testimonials – their customers will.

We see it all the time – managed IT providers with websites overflowing with testimonials from customers of all shapes and sizes neatly formatted and italicized for maximum visual impact. The fact that so many providers employ this tactic effectively neutralizes its effectiveness.

A good managed IT provider won’t just offer references on their website, they will connect you with current customers who will take the time to tell you about their experiences with the provider. It’s likely that these current customers are getting the kind of service you want, and this is your chance to “pick their brains” about why they chose their managed IT providers over others who offer the same services. Ideally, you want to speak to a customer whose business is roughly the same size as your and similar in structure so you can make a more accurate comparison.

A good managed IT provider puts the right people at your service.

We could write a whole series of posts about what it means for a managed IT provider to hire the right people. Unfortunately, you don’t always know upfront exactly who you may be dealing with when it comes to support. Good providers are able to look at their current staff and their ability determine, based on your needs and expectations, who will be the best match for you.

From there, it’s up to you to provide feedback on a regular basis to ensure you’re getting the best service from the people assigned to your business.

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