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Transcription – Orlando IT Services | Central Florida Computer Help | Firewall Computer Services, LLC

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Shawn: Firewall Computer started when James Pepper and I, we actually met at UCF attending school there, and we decided to start an IT company and see if we could help people out with their computers.

James: We’re an IT support company based in Winter Park, Florida, servicing all different types of industries in the central Florida area.

Shawn: We deal primarily with small and medium businesses, particularly someone with 20 computers or so. We would be the IT department for a small company that maybe doesn’t have enough money to have their own IT department. If they don’t know how to buy a computer we can help them with that, if they don’t know how to turn one on, or if there’s problems with their e-mail or printers, we would be the first stop for anything technical.

Antje: The service we provide is managed IT services. We manage networks, servers, and we manage the work stations, the computers itself. Our technicians take care of that. No one gets a virus, that the service is always up and running, that every work station is backed up, and that everyone can basically work as fast as possible, and be happy with their computers.

James: Most of the type it’s PC problems, MAC problems, networking problems, server problems. That covers about 90, 95% of all the problems we encounter. The advantage of hiring a professional is that we can do faster, more reliable work, than typically an amateur, or a person just trying to do it themselves, that don’t have the experience, and the knowledge that we’ve been though.
We offer a free assessment to our customers. We come out to the customer’s location, check out their system, their current infrastructure, talk about any issues they have, any future plans they have. We determine what the best plan is going forward. We assess our monthly service plan on how many servers, work stations, locations they have. How complicated their system is, and we base all of those aspects into our monthly service pricing.

Antje: What you get with our service contract is 24/7 IT support. If you have us on contract you can call us any time. Most of our clients have actually our cell phone numbers. We text, we call, we are available over e-mail, so it’s very easy to get ahold of us.

James: Communication is key. Our job is to make sure their systems are running 100% all of the time. If they don’t, they need to know exactly what’s going on, and we will let them know that. We always try to keep them in the loop, and let them know exactly what’s going on.