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Why Is Email Encryption So Important?

business computer support in Orlando for email encryption Business owners who don’t deal with sensitive information such as social security numbers, bank account numbers, or other secretive tidbits may not think twice about email encryption. However, email encryption is an important practice for both business and personal email, even if every email you send isn’t secretive. It not only secures the information you’re sending in written form, but it also secures your stored and cached emails as well as your email account itself. Hackers and snoopers are unable to obtain private or sensitive material from your emails if they first go through an encryption process before being sent. With email encryption, it’s also nearly impossible for someone to hack into your email account.

So, how does email encryption make messages secure? The best way to compare unencrypted emails to encrypted emails is to consider the United States Postal Service. If you were out of town on a trip and wanted to write your neighbor to tell him the garage code to your home so he could drop off your mail, how would you relay this information?

It seems pretty silly to write your neighbor an exposed postcard and drop it into the mail for everyone to see. You don’t want anyone else to have access to your home’s garage door code besides your neighbor. You would probably use a more secure method – like writing a letter, with the sensitive information sealed inside a secure envelope. You might even go as far as to mail it through certified mail which is only deliverable when the recipient signs that he received the letter. Writing a postcard and throwing it into a public mail receptacle to be delivered can be the same as sending unencrypted emails. An encrypted email can be the same as a sealed letter, or even a certified letter. The only eyes that will see the information sent are those of the intended recipient.

Your emails are vulnerable to snoops or hackers when they’re saved on your email client program and when they’re being sent to the recipient. The best way to protect the privacy of these emails is to use an encryption program to make them unreadable to those without the unencrypting private key. There are a number of inexpensive yet effective ways to encrypt your email messages. Give us a call today so we can choose and install the best encryption software for you. Your email’s safety and security is only a phone call away.

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