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Beat the Cryptowall Virus with Your Back Up!

Have you heard about the Cryptowall Virus?

If your computer is infected, you’ll loose access to your data! 


Cryptowall is a ransomware program that will encrypt the commonly used data on your Windows computer. It is distributed via email with ZIP attachments that are disguised as PDF files e.g. invoices, bills, complaints or other business communication; or as fake updates for applications such as Adobe Reader, Flash Player or Java.

After your files are encrypted you can not open or use them again.  You will be sent a message to pay a ransom for the decryption keys, which we strongly advise against. 

The only safe thing that can undue the harm is restoring your data from your data back up!

Data Back Up is crucial! 

Onsite: External Hard drive

Offsite: Online Backup with e.g. Dropbox, Google Drive, Box Files

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Verify the data backup is complete!


Shawn explains Cryptowall


Business Owners Watch Out!

It is particularly recommended that small business owners implement data backup software that has Continuous Data Protection capabilities, as it offers you an “insurance policy” against any serious harm to your business from lost files, damaged files or extended downtime. Data back up should occur in an automated and continuous manner and run in the background with little human interaction.
If you have any questions about how to secure your business with a reliable back up system, give us a call, we offer free assessments at any time!

Your Firewall Team

Roger, James, Antje & Shawn