Asset Purchasing

Our team has extensive experience with nearly every type and brand of computer and network device. Combined with this device performance knowledge and our ongoing relationships with wholesalers we can advise our customers to purchase the best available product that is most cost effective. Asset purchasing and management are the business practices that include financial, contractual and inventory control to support life cycle management of your network/computer system. Assets include all hardware and software found in your organization. We manage the complete asset management cycle from purchasing to maintenance to removal and disposal. The key point to purchasing and managing your assets is making business decisions to meet financial goals.

The Technology

You should focus on running your business, not worrying about when licenses expire or getting frustrated on hold with software support. We can be your IT representative in planning, installing, and supporting your third party software or hardware. Our team ensures the goals and promises are met by your software vendors. Through our network of hardware/software vendors locally and around the country we’re able to obtain the best price, warranty and shipping time available so your business downtime is minimized. The relationships developed by our team with our vendors translate into savings and reliability for your company.


An example of hardware management would be the purchase of a new workstation. Our team makes a decision as to what brand, model, warranty, and price meets your business objectives then contacts our network of vendors to procure the device in the quickest time possible. Once installed the device is configured and managed within our asset management software for tracking and life expectancy rates. In the case of hardware failure to the device we have all warranty and replacement information on file for a quick and seamless repair. As the device ages and becomes obsolete we find a suitable replacement and can guarantee industry certified data destruction for all assets such as hard drives, memory, computers, printers and copiers.

Case Study

An example of software management would be the purchase of an application that is requested by the client. Our team verifies the correct version and system compatibility to ensure the proper use and expectations of the software. Through our local and nationwide vendor accounts we have the capability to procure the software along with negotiating support maintenance agreements for the best price possible. In addition, we verify the correct amount of licenses are purchased and continually manage license keys, versions and installed endpoints.

Goals of ITAM

  • Price savings through our network of local and nationwide corporate vendors
  • Maintain control of the inventory
  • Increase compliance accountability
  • Evaluate asset expectations based on life cycle management
  • Improve availability of asset hardware device/software application
  • Ability to initially procure correct product

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