New Network Installations

Whether your business is moving into a new space or growing we can help design and implement your network system. It’s always best to start off with a well-designed system rather than piece it together as it grows. We take into consideration your budget and future growth plans when designing a customized solution so your network has the capability to expand without loss of system performance.

The Technology

With our team’s overall knowledge of the available hardware and software technologies we’re able to provide a fast, secure, and reliable network environment for any business type while staying within your budget. The networks we maintain and service are composed of hardware components such as Cisco, 3Com, Dell, HP, IBM, Linksys, Netgear, APC, Buffalo, Motorola, and D-Link to name a few. Typical software our technicians maintain includes Windows Server technologies 2000/2003/2008/2011, Small Business Server, SQL Server, Microsoft Exchange Server, MS Office 2003/2007/2010, Windows XP/Vista/7/8, ACT Database, MySQL, FTP Software, Time Card Software and a wide range of cloud computing applications.


Firewall Computer Services specializes in designing and implementing a network system for small and medium size businesses. Our certified technicians will first meet with you and your team to determine your expectations and needs. We must learn about your business before we can customize a solution that’s best for you and your budget. Once we’ve consulted with you, we can suggest different available technologies your business can take advantage of. Correctly designing a network system from the ground up is essential for reliability, ease of troubleshooting, security and speed.

Case Study

Firewall Computer Services was able to help a new client relocating from out of state with 20 workstations setup a new office in downtown Orlando. We were able to advise the best overall solution as to broadband connection, firewall, router, networking equipment, wireless, upgraded workstations, additional file server, security procedures, battery backups and a disaster recovery plan. We also provided full network documentation for the ability to find and solve problems quickly to minimize downtime. We take care of I.T. so you can take care of your business!

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