Strategic Planning

Firewall Computer Services assists our customers with 3 to 5 year plans to determine new technology implementation or future growth. With a plan in place customers can anticipate new capabilities along with estimated costs for budgeting purposes. Along with a long term plan we constantly look for ways to improve our client’s efficiency and improve employee’s productivity.

The Technology

Handling day-to-day computer and network system issues is more than enough to handle for small and medium sized businesses. Is the email system working for communication between employees, clients, and vendors? Is the accounting system functioning correctly to ensure all orders are correctly placed? Is the mobile workforce able to access their important information in a secure and reliable way 24/7? Your systems may be under control now but what about new initiatives or business opportunities that require infrastructure changes or upgrades? Are you able to focus on long term IT plans that go past the monthly or quarterly issues you face?


For many companies, meeting with the key decision makers and agreeing on priorities is a difficult task because of competing objectives and strict budgets. As with any strategic plan the need to consider where the organization will be in several years is important and necessary for consistent and substantial growth. Often adding just a few important upgrades to the software or hardware can make a huge difference in the current operation of your network system. We will advise you in key areas and cost effectively show you how to upgrade your system or make preparations for the next step. Our team has the experience to help our clients create and implement strategic management plans. Predicting what is beyond the horizon and how to best take advantage of new technologies can help you meet your goals and make your business succeed.

Case Study

Firewall Computer Services can provide you with an IT plan that spans 1-5 years. Our team will meet with you to understand your business objectives, process workflows, current network infrastructure design, expectations, goals and budget. Once a strategic plan is agreed upon it must be reviewed every six months to ensure that the goals and objectives are being met. Technology advances at an exponential rate and taking advantage of the latest devices and software can provide any business with a competitive advantage, more efficient, increased productivity and lower costs. But it’s important to make the correct choices concerning technology that requires expertise from an experienced team that have previously implemented IT plans successfully.

Our team can help develop a strategic IT plan for your business or organization and recommend the best available solutions. In addition, your organization will be able to take advantage of our vendor management and purchasing services that result in the most competitive prices of the widest range of products.

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