Network Applications

The majority of businesses have network applications such as QuickBooks, ACT, or SQL which we can provide support. Also, in cooperation with your third party vendor, we can support the thousands of industry specific programs. Our team can communicate with the software manufacturer for a smooth and quick resolution to your software issue.

The Technology

While there are thousands of programs available for all industries and businesses the most popular software packages are found in almost every network environment. Our technicians are fully proficient with popular software applications such as Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook), Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Adobe PDF. Our team keeps a knowledge base of errors we’ve encountered in the past to enable us to resolve the problem quickly and efficiently keeping downtime to a minimum.


We support a wide variety of software packages from installation to maintenance to continuing troubleshooting. When there is a problem or question we’re able to use our remote screen sharing technology to log into workstations or servers to quickly resolve any issues affecting your businesses productivity. Our team also handles your application update management. Updates often provide fixes and security patches to the software so they are an essential part of keeping an error free network system.

Case Study

A service based company based in Winter Park wanted to implement a multi-location QuickBooks installation with a central server and remote Point-Of-Sale (POS) stations. Our team was able to successfully configure QuickBooks on a Windows 2003 Server and provide a secure VPN connection to each satellite store running QuickBooks POS Edition to provide central real-time sales reporting and inventory control. We take care of I.T. so you can take care of your business!

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